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Haptic path: hemp fabric takes sustainable clothing to the next level

Nina Skibnevsky EFSB ethical fashion hemp clothes hemp clothing hemp fashion brand independent designer interview sustainable fashion

Nina Skibnevsky remembers the first time she laid her hands on a piece of clothing made of hemp fiber. “When I touched this fabric I knew it was something new and special, and I definitely wanted to work with the material,” she recalls. In 2016, that initial sensation became Haptic Path, a sustainable collection of modern and stylish women and menswear designed by Skibnevsky at her home in Israel. With hemp as the main fabric in her designs, Skibnevsky has created a lifestyle and business that couples her personal and professional values: “Everything was a puzzle that came together: my...

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Haptic path at Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018

Nina Skibnevsky Berlin EFSB Fashion show

‘Haptic Path’ is the only Israeli brand, which was presented at the Ethical Fashion Show in Berlin on 16-18 January 2018. While the ethical fashion concept is still a rare bird in Israel, the environmentally friendly movement is gaining more supporters worldwide especially in Germany. Nina Skibnevsky, Designer and Founder of the ‘Haptic Path’, presented her collection for the first time at Ethical Fashion Show. Nina is the most ardent Advocate of slow fashion and mindful consumerism. ‘At ‘Haptic Path’ we believe that ethical fashion can make the world a better place to live” – states Nina, – ‘We make...

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