Haptic path philosophy


essence of touch

At Haptic Path we believe that style begins with a touch, with softness and the idea that eco-friendly fashion can make the world a better place to live. We make modern, casual yet elegant clothes for men and women from hemp – the most environmentally friendly fiber.


stylish as samurai

Wearing Haptic Path is a statement. We get inspiration for our minimalistic design and clean lines from Japan and long journeys to remote parts of the world. We love what we do. We make comfortable yet elegant designer clothes you can combine with basic shirts and pants and build your own style.


motion is life

«Free motion in body and mind» is a slogan of the Haptic Path brand. We do believe that comfy clothes can inspire you to dance, sing, meditate. We want you to be able to do it here, now, and in your own way.


why hemp?

Hemp is one of the most durable and strong natural fiber. You will enjoy Haptic Path cloths for a long time because quality and individuality will never get out of fashion. Hemp fabric is 100% natural, hypoallergenic, breathable and provides 90% UV protection. Hemp is also cool to wear in the summer and warm in winter. It is strong and soft, fits body, skin, and mind. Feels like home.


who we are?

Haptic Path is an international yet local brand: we produce our collections ethically in small batches in Moscow, we are based in Tel-Aviv and purchase the eco-friendly fabric from various suppliers, whom we know in person. We promote the slow fashion idea because we believe that small business can make the difference, sustainability is a core of Haptic path. We are concerned with consumerism and fast fashion industry constantly polluting our planet. Nina is the most ardent Advocate of slow fashion and mindful consumerism. Nina Skibnevsky grew up in Russia, studied Ecological Psychology at the University and dreamt about launching her own brand. Combination of traveling, passion for fashion and ecological awareness melt together – that is how the idea of Haptic Path popped up.
Nina Skibnevsky