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Less is More!

New line of timeless en vogue designs is ready for production but Haptic Path needs your help to go further.

"Less is More" is a collaboration project of two Israeli designers Nina Skibnevsky and Daria Burov.

We are running out of time, we live in the fastest pace human ever lived. To much information, expectations, goals, and too many clothing items, which are already too complicated to style together. We want to feel and look good, yet we want to reduce stress.

Less is more: Zen concepts of simplicity transmit the ideas of freedom and essence of living.

When items in our closet are matching, we don't have to think too much before choosing what to wear today. Saved time we want to spend for the things we are passionate about. Our clothes will support us during day and night, that was the purpose of clothes when people invented it.

"Less is more" – is a unisex capsule collection, which is aiming not only at its items being complementary, but inviting couples to use them together. Our clothing is collecting our experience and energy, why not to share it between each other during this growing trend of sharing economy?

The colour pallet is minimalistic as well: black, white and unbleached linen color. All of them are can be easily combined together. The accent we decided to add with the eco-print technic. For the dying process we plan to use leaves of eucalyptus, which grows in Israel, because we aspired by works of Australian artist India Flint.


For "Less is More" summer collection we choose 100% natural fabrics (hemp, linen, organic cotton), which are breathable and very nice to a body even in the  hottest weather. Hemp fabric offers 90% of UV-protection – most from all natural fabrics.


While the ethical fashion concept is still a rare bird in Israel, the environmentally friendly movement is gaining more supporters worldwide. Nina Skibnevsky, Designer and Founder of the ‘Haptic Path’ is the most ardent Advocate of slow fashion and mindful consumerism. 

‘At ‘Haptic Path’ We believe that the mindset of sustainability and commitment to ethical trade will help redirect the world toward a more balanced and fruitful path – states Nina Skibnevsky, – ‘We make modern, casual yet elegant clothes for men and women from hemp – the most environmentally friendly fiber’.


Haptic Path offers you an effortless choice in wardrobe so you can shop carefree! Choose the reward you favor, help Haptic Path raise money for this new collection, and make a difference by giving your vote towards a more sustainable future. Your choice matters!

What better way to start sustainable living than clothing yourself in it every day?

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